Music is among the arts, the one more present in our lives, reason enough to make of her, a way of live. Alaima Gonzalez, creator and director of Flautistico Nymph Project is part of that way of live. She decided to study music and decided to be a flutist. Her choice has made her go through hardships and sacrifices but has also given her very pleasant and rewarding moments and most importantly has given her a way and a place in this world. Then, why not to pass on this to others? Music as the artist says is an art, an expression of feelings, that help develop emotions.

Flautistico Nymph Project is a personal initiative that  puts together the experience of more the 20 years as a flutist and music teacher specializing in the flute. The main objective of Flautistico Nymph Project is to portray music as an option going beyond the formal and aesthetics, to promote   bonds that facilitated integration and living in a community. Flautistico Nymph Project looks forward to the development of the emotions, indispensable to promote links between members of society that strives to a better world.

Flautistico Nymph Project festival promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge no matter age or musical level of the participants. Within the festival teachers and students will work together on ensembles. The festival will offer concerts, recitals, contest, conferences and master classes as well as other activities to promote the creation of an artistic network nationally and internationally.

Flautistico Nymph Project also works on elevating the musical level of students and teachers of the flute in the Dominican Republic. It also works to incentive those who wish to start their musical studies as performers.

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